he ain't heavy

my brother was in town from friday til yesterday. he spent most of the time holed up in the red room, prepping for what can only be described as the mother of all exams, which he took over the course of two days at this place. we found out late yesterday that he passed. ah, my dear baby brother. i apologize for once trying to kill you with a hot wheels to the eye and that other time when i left you in a freezing oldsmobile in the dead of saskatchewan winter while i went inside to make out with a boy and you didn't know how to start the car. dr. neil, congratulations - you are now officially a radiologist. all i can say is SHOW ME 'DA MONEY.

me, i'm auto-piloting like nobody's business. still don't have a handle on the whole client and time management thing. feels mostly like i'm flying by the seat of my pants. but i dig it. at any given moment when i am working on a task, i am enjoying the work and acing the task. i still have to officially set up my 3-in-1 and i think i will feel extra cool. also, it would be great if people paid my invoice on the day after i submit it.

opened the pool on the weekend. got advice on the ungodly patch of brown grass in my back yard, the one that was born out of an ill-planned attempt to Dry Off the pool cover when we removed it last spring. i can't believe chris got voted off last night. i can't believe how often my floors need sweeping. rehearsed today with the bass player whose combo will be accompanying me at duncan and christina's upcoming wedding - it's only a few jazz standards, but holy moly, it's like coming home for me.

i just made guacamole. i am out of toilet paper. i dropped $200 on clothes today.


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