house notes

like most politigeeks, i've got QP playing on-line behind my work today. after all, it's budget day. we, like flaherty himself, are gleeful. also today, i came to two major realizations:

1) this is the first time since coming into my political consciousness that a conservative government is in power, however minoritarily. i wonder what this shift in government power will mean to my evolution as an activist/advocate. i contemplate how far i've come in understanding and acting upon what was then a stirring in my gut when mulroney and the free trade debate were all over the show.

2) i have not had a pb&j sandwich pretty much since the last time conservatives ruled the House.

so i paid hommage to one revelation by eating the other.

ok, up-to-the-minute recap: diane finley is sporting some rather indiscreet eyewear these days. tony clement referred (inadvertently, i hope) to the tainted blood scandal as "festering". gawrsh, rona ambrose sure is purdy, however nervously obsessed with the hair on the right side of her head remaining tucked behind the ear. the unknown man with the freakishly large head seated behind her has a big huge crush on her.

and also,
bev oda reminds us how badly the House should require parliamentarians to:

a) achieve a certificate for at least the silver level of toastmasters

b) consult and obey carson kressley
c) know something

awaiting the main event ...


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