treading, not flailing

biggest thing, i guess, is that i just might have sold the house. "promise to purchase" has been signed. the only thing standing between me and a sale is the dreaded inspection. if they (the "purchasor") happen to bring an inspector who raises one too many flags about the structural integrity of the car port, for example, i might be out of a deal. collective finger crossing, if you please.

strange to be hopeful about something about which i feel rather indifferent. fear of what's next is probably diminishing whatever excitement might have come from getting a decent offer after being listed for only 6 weeks. i have no idea where i'm going, what i'm doing, or even why. and the possession date of july 15th means i could very well be homeless in a month and a half, though alain - my agent - keeps insisting in his goofy jovial way that "there's no frickin' way" he won't find me something in due time. he's 24 and frequently quotes eric cartman - i'm not exactly bowing to his buddha.

the fafia event on the hill went just fine and dandy - we had a hot and sweaty room of parliamentarians listen captively to too much speechifying. some surprise attendees included the adorable peter milliken, bill graham (so much more gay in person) and stockwell day himself. the neat part about it was being just feet from the House during a particularly contentious day. our event began mere moments before jack delivered his speech on the mission in afghanistan. the debate was going on while various members deeked into our event for wine and feminism. i still can't believe it came down to four measly votes. what a day.

next week's ywca event has kept me on my toes this week - many writes and re-writes and heated discussions about targeting legislators and the word lethality. and there was another murder in gatineau (4th in one year) - this time a double murder suicide. he did it with kitchen utensils. unbelievable. that much of my work lately is on VAW makes these stories especially acute. it's sickening. i'm so lucky to get to work on these issues. but i'm not, too. such gruesome stuff, really. and the anger can be overwhelming.

at this rate, there's hardly time for panic attacks about big legal transactions. woo hoo. am sure to be suitably distracted on saturday when i attempt to endure 2 weddings, 2 receptions, 1 performance, and likely, a meltdown. it's supposed to be 24 degrees that day -- great news if you're photo-shooting in the park with your wedding party -- less great if you're a naturally warm gal shuttling around the capital in uncomfortable shoes. i've already made a morning date with claude's dextrous ex so he can pin this mass of thick hair up onto what will surely become an achey head. off the neck, dammit, off the neck.


Blogger accidental altruist said...

So it's May 31st - how did the inspection go??? Did ya sell? I hope you did - even though we'll miss the pool.

10:23 a.m.  

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