gimme a y

a whole lot of tiredness has culminated in a totally wowzer day with the ywca report launch today. i'm absurdly pooped. all i want is to get a little tipsy tonight and sleep in really late tomorrow. i guess it's ok to be this fucking giddy to be done with a project.

the media really grabbed the story and frickin' ran. it all started with a very successful press conference on the hill at 9, and galloped along from there. i have been on my feet all the livelong day. it's like a press agent's dream to be juggling two cell phones and plugging interviews into page after page of scheduling grids. we got pick up from big outlets and every corner of the country. we were on the loops of newsworld and newsnet. the globe and mail actually called. the journalists, for the most part, were on the mark and insightful (cfra notwithstanding - shocker). our spokespeople were great. nothing blew up in our face. no one fell apart. i feel giddy. and tired. and even a bit indifferent. mainly because it's done. and i really really like that.

check it: sample story and two video streams of two of my best gals


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