offer, accepted

bid on a house this week, pulled out of the bid, then re-bid on the same house. it's a long sordid tale. found out yesterday evening that the offer is approved. yay. it's small and quaint and heated (controversially, apparently) by hot water generated by oil. so if the inspection and financing go well, i will move in a month from yesterday, one day before relinquishing possession of my current casa. so a month to pour all of this shit into a few boxes and transfer to the urban cottage located a couple of short blocks from this organic hipster hangout.

as for other forms of moving on, i suppose this week has been an emancipation, of sorts, from my family. this is a process i thought i'd lived many times over, but i have to say that recent drama has led to a tremendous lifting of weight from these slouched shoulders. i have never felt (or been) more clear about my boundaries. i'm told that other people's families are also crazy, but i do believe if there were some sort of prize, we are formidable contenders.

so to recap, the week at a glance:

much too much familial drama brought on a very lengthy migraine. have attempted to entertain and live life around a rather pouty mother whose ill-timed conference put her in the eye of my real estate storm. between distractions, managed to whip up most of the newsletter i promised match this week. sang thelma houston last night at disco karaoke and a guy i know pretty much offered to rock my world. it goes without saying that i'm giving this due consideration. after all, i AM trying, in fact, to HAVE a world and let's face it, there's no rocking in it. wobbling, maybe. so here i've been contemplating riviving the old booty call, and this new guy steps up.
i'm thinking since the whole True Love angle isn't really panning out, fuck it. heard so much talk lately of summer flinging, i think i want in.


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