a brief barrage of sharp rain pellets this evening left my quartier without power. i'd only been home a short while when the house went still. the boredom and exhaustion led me to a decadent weeknight nap. it was warm, but nothing like the wilting i endured in montreal yesterday. and it's not even that hot yet. the humid central-canadian summer officially begins on wednesday. a rainy week gave way to a sweltering weekend. thanks to an up-do and the occasional light breeze, i managed alright. was headachey from the hair pins though.

when the air is this sticky and warm, you reduce speed and lighten plans. after spending most of saturday in a stuffy (in more ways than one) room here (another jovial ndp meeting, yes), we dedicated sunday to sloth (well, there were momentary hommages to that other sin - anger - but it feels like we are someplace way beyond anger so far as the ongoing internal bullshit is concerned, and plus, steve said he's made peace with his god around that stuff, whatever the fuck that means). so in honour of non-ndp-ness, we walked around the village at barely a saunter to find a place for brunch. ate fruit salad and lingered on the terrasse out of sheer laziness. our great enthusiasm to catch the france/korea game was overpowered by a heat fatigue. we found a place to watch it, but took our muggy selves home at half time. i had intense fantasies about being supine on a beach, rolling in and out of the water. montreal is on a fucking island - you'd think there were such locations nearby, but apparently not. so instead, i contemplated immersion in a tub of cold water, but was too hot to bother. couldn't even nap, for that matter.

at least this weather makes smoking feel and taste gross. i wonder, will i butt out entirely this summer...


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Blogger accidental altruist said...

who's been doing your hair these days?

i'm in for drinkies. you want a public patio or access to our beee-ooo-teee-ful private deck? i've got some loverly voodoo spiced rum!!

12:13 p.m.  

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