tick tock

waiting for the results of the mexican election is like waiting for hgtv to pick a winner of the handyman superstar challenge, which seemed to go on forever. bye bye mr. fox - we hardly knew ye, but omigod you were better than calderon could ever be. let us all clasp hands and chant to the universe for obrador to squeak a win. he's just gotta win.

best a gal can do is head out to look for a new set of kitchen appliances - stainless steel, if possible. so i'm going. better than sweating in here, trying to pretend to care about contract work when my move is 10 days away. the ticking of time has a way of bringing into focus the habits of procrastination. so many possessions to purge or pack. if this is about moving forward, then some things will get left behind.


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Pam - email me pls. I can't find your email address!

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