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seems every time i turn on the television, there's a 1-800 number under someone's face. just when i thought the waves couldn't be more saturated with this pap, i spotted a horrifying new 'reality' show on tlc that has contestants give a speech on a theme each week, trying to impress - get this - Judges, and an audience in a competition called the messenger. it's supposed to be about finding the next great 'motivator', but i think it's a front for the falwell network human resource department.

tonight, i'm innocently surfing channels when i stumble upon canada's very own george s hosting yet another singing contest on abc. everybody's doing it, apparently. and every wannabe singer has a camera to implore, apparently. the vocalists on george's show get to attend the so-called Academy during the week. and those rockers trying to impress tommy lee et all get to work with a professional band in a mansion. meanwhile, those orators are toured through homeless shelters and cemetaries for 'inspiration' for their next speech. and i've been paralyzed in my new house for three days straight. a little perspective please.

ten days in the new digs and surrounded by boxes that dwindle too slowly. there's still a washing machine in the middle of my kitchen, my box spring still won't fit up the stairs, and my fridge still ain't stocked. everytime i turn around, there are more things to do, more errands to run, and more reasons to spend more money. thank god i've managed to set up a reasonable office space so that i can occasionally sit at my laptop and pretend to be trying to work. it's all going swimmingly.

thank god for the hippie wedding that offered respite on saturday. congrats again angela and dan! thanks for letting me stay late into the night - the fire pit and hootenanny were awfully compelling distractions from my shyte. but it only postponed the paralysis that gripped me for a couple of days thereafter. i hit a wall, as it were. and now i'm forcing myself up. there's no time to cry over milk that hasn't even been bought, for chrissakes.

the hiring committee will table our recommendations tomorrow night to exec regarding the hiring of our director general. and i'm thinking, if we can't come to concensus, i shall argue stridently for us to set up toll free numbers or a website and ask the public to vote on our last two candidates. might generate a more sophisticated debate than the one i fear we won't have tomorrow.


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