if the shoe breaks

barefoot in downtown montreal for awhile on saturday, i was. limping. swear to god i don't know how it happened. we were on our way to the amazingly brilliant chris botti concert at place des arts, a show i enjoyed shoeless. one minute i'm traipsing down the escalator into the metro, the next i've fallen hard and am riding the rest of the way on my fat ass. the concert was absolutely breathtaking and i left a pair of broken sandals under my balcony seat.

despite various injuries to foot and dignity, a beautiful saturday - basking in the evening air of downtown montreal, drunk on jazz and crushed icy booze, dangling feet in the fountain.

lazy sunday morning led us to a raucous afternoon watching the world cup final on a jumbo-tron in jean drapeau park. it was nuts. luckily, we managed to stake a piece of grass near a small number of italy fans amidst hundreds of supporters of les bleus. infamous red card incident aside, what an amazing game. what a surprise sunburn i got. what a delicious trip for ice cream afterwards. what a lovely weekend.

the kitchen is packed and that was a phenomenal accomplishment for today. half my office is done. well, actually, pretty much half of everything is done. so screwed am i for having misplanned everything, i came home tonight after this campaign communications meeting instead of heading to see rickie lee. tomorrow (today?) will be a 12 hour blitz. with any luck, things will be well enough boxed for me to steal away to see nelly and etta. surely i'm not kidding myself.

speaking of music, or something aspiring to it, what the fuck is steffi d still doing there? jesus.


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