end of the road

steve and i are 1.3 days back from the august road trip and i don't have a clue what to do first. there is just so much. and i'm warm. but never mind that for now.

the drive was over too quickly. took about 6 days to get from regina to the t-dot. we blazed on and off the transcan in his mom's civic, stopping in points like prince albert, flin flon, the pas, the peg, dalles first nation reserve, hearst, atikokan, orangeville, and peterborough. there were dinners with various parents, stops at historic sites and dumb monuments, diefenbaker's house, wildlife sightings, flintabbetey flonatin, and terry fox. we shared laughs, secrets, old dutch chips, campfires, extremely dumb jokes, super 8s, and a zillion cups of tim horton's.

thanks to beck for the delicious drama and access to the seadoo, to jimmy for the hard martinis and reminiscing, to brother warren for the wisdom, to the cook in ballantyne bay for the amazing ribs, to kemlin for the great thai meal and grrl talk, to dr. neil for my awesome rakhi gift (i so love my elph), to lori for the healing box, and to mama anne for the geneological tour. and obviously, "thank you SSOOO much" steve for the much-needed escape and the good times. how's the chaffing?

obligatory cheese-shot of driver:


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