soup's on

it is 45 degrees with the humidex and it's only noon. i shit you not. i just came back from a coffee run. the air is so wet, you feel as though you're wading through soup. the air doesn't move - it is damp stillness that drenches you in oppression. even a wee breeze offers no respite, it can only slice past like a knife through butter. i am sitting in the room next to the one in which my shitty air conditioner is doing his best, and i'm glistening.

not that i'm complaining. i am grateful for any summer weather, regardless of how much it knocks the shit out of you.

much progress on the house front. i ploughed through 27 boxes in the kitchen on saturday. makes quite a psychological impact. still have to purchase a number of things, but at least on sunday i bought me a brand spanking new kitchen table. it's not too dressy for a kitchen, not too informal for a dining room. i quite love it.


Blogger accidental altruist said...

gawd... 'glistening'?? I was full-on dripping all over the damned place. even after taking a cool shower I couldn't stop sweating like a horse!

2:52 p.m.  

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