my addictions extend beyond the House

may i just say about tomorrow's opposition day debate that i'm looking forward to irene mathyssen working more of her spunk as she continues her 1.5 week long coming out as a respectable scrapper. how much did i love her calling the tory cuts an attempt at "de-fanging" the women's movement [the photo at that link shows irene with penny in a headlock - now that's feisty]. oh and also, not that ANYONE should give a rat's ass about who politicians sleep with, but i got to thinking: if she rises tomorrow on the resolution about women's issues, what kind of crap will They fling at belinda? would They be able to resist? [holy shit, as i type, tanya kim is 'reporting' about the belinda/tie relationship - jesus].

omigod, i can't seem to talk about anything other than this swc thing. i'm not a uni-issue kinda gal. i have things to say about the new fall tv season, for instance. there are hard questions to pose about calista flockhart's face, as revealed last week in her new show (and were all those cheeky references to body size between her and her 'brother' really necessary?) ... and about meredith's annoying decision to date - not choose between - mcdreamy and the vet. i'd rather eat glass than watch celebrity duets, but can't help but loosely monitor the contrived racial wars on survivor. speaking of race, did all four brown people have to get eliminated from the amazing race on episode one? and what's up with those twins on the new cycle of antm?

i suppose if i were to weigh in on musharraf on the daily show last night, it would be a perfect blend of my news/politics and pop culture junkie sides. but i'm distracted.

7 more sleeps til lost returns to me ... *sigh*


Blogger Scott Tribe said...

Hello Pam:

I'm presuming we'll see your "5 things feminism..." list sometime tomorrow?

3:12 p.m.  

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