people will see me and cry

the geniuses at muchmoremusic decided to air old episodes of fame and yes, i have partaken in a few. the show has not become any less terrible, but omigod how i loved it. let us all agree that the movie whooped the series' ass, that leroy was super gay hot (may he RIP), and that bruno was the epitome of yummy music geek. i think i still love him.

speaking of guilty pleasures, i went supine yesterday and helped myself to parts of the survivor 1 marathon. i have to say that no installment of survivor has been the same since that one. i guess everything is innocent and
untainted and inoffensive when it's new. i was reminded of how beautiful that show was - calm pace, artful footage, raw contestants - before the burnett machine injected it with botox and silicone, shellacked it, and over-formula-ized it. loved watching susan's outrageous rat/snake speech again. i still wish miss wiglesworth had won the thing.


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