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holy shit, internet, in just three days since it launched, you have logged over 1000 hits to statusreport.ca. aww, go on with your bad self! we are totally excited and humbled. word is spreading like wildfire, and so too is the activism.

of course, our opponents were quick to notice our wee project, and in all their cuteness, are seizing onto our every word. an oct 11 post at bluewavecanada-at-blogspot-com rants about how we don't speak for her, nor for 16 million women. As If We Claim To. encouraging women to speak is NOT the same as doing it for them. maybe it's offensive to some that we'd have the audacity to assert that women would or could speak up, especially those who believe in that crazy thing called equality. it must really worry some people that one gigantic roll call would actually reveal the majority of women in canada DO support equality values.

and at the risk of turning the project into one big math tutorial, we are obviously going to have to break things down for those opponents who insist on insisting that the majority of canadians voted for the harper conservatives when actually, a Much Larger number voted for someone the hell else. then again, if some keener wanted to create flashcards to help people learn this, that might be neat.

anyways, feedback on the website project has been overwhelmingly positive. wish i could name the growing number of amazing women who are donating gobs of spare time to help with the site - that'll likely happen over there anyways. i have been moved also by so many random emails from my network after i notified hundreds of personal contacts about the launch. just goes to show that in this virtual world of colleagships, time and distance don't seem to exist. ah, community.


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Gosh I'm glad there is you in this World!


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