no need to make nice

last night's dixie chicks concert was TOTALLY AWESOME (many thanks to nancy for waiting it out at the salvaide fundraiser to bid successfully on the tickets). the chicks strolled onto the stage to 'hail to the chief' and spent the night demonstrating their Fine Form - vocal harmonies were totally tight, as was the full band. look, i'm For Sure no fan of country music, but i've always thought of these chicks as less twang than sass. they write great songs. and they each play a zillion instruments and their voices are hot.

let's face it, my fan-o-meter was really triggered after What Natalie Said and watching how gracefully they've endured the nastiness and bullshit ever since. last night, political commentary was light, even though the entire stadium was ripe for some lefty preachin'. they did show a trailer for their documentary - shut up and sing. they also played a video encouraging us to get involved with conservation.org. natalie mentioned that they'd learned that very morning of nbc's decision to not carry the ads for the film. apparently, the fox network ain't too lonely on that side of the proverbial fence.

may i also say, i'm not ready to make nice is a fantastic track. not only is that string riff aggressive, it's beautiful. and lyrically? well howdee pardner, it don't get any more feisty - a damn fine anthem for uppity women everywhere who dare step out of line to speak their truth.


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