stats on statusreport.ca

i cannot believe our wee website project yields an average of 250 or so hits a day over its first 2 weeks of life. makes us all the more scrambly as we harness all the volunteer power available to beef up the content. the workshop is all a-sweaty, crafting more analysis and more action ideas. the site is also in the process of migrating to a swank new host. busy times.

it's all very exciting.
the site's 2 mommies are mighty proud. we are simultaneously pleased and sheepish about the attention our kid is getting, let alone how relevant it might be. co-parenting with audra is a tremendous joy. but we are hard on our feisty tyke - we want it to grow big and strong and make a valuable contribution to the world. it takes a village, people. we want villagers. so for CHRISSAKES internet, if you know of anyone who wants to help (especially technically inclined types), send 'em our way - STAT.


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