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at the risk of sounding like a one-track album, a quick update on the new website. after 2.5 weeks live, 5000 hits, some buzz in the blogosphere, a few media interviews, and dozens of emailed congrats, we are expanding the site and will be adding new content at regular intervals:

mondays - a new action goes up to activate people to act out
wednesdays - new info content like analysis, research articles, and links to cool stuff
fridays - a bloggy blurb by me and audra to do the week's recap on what's happening on this issue in general, in the news, on the Hill, and in the streets
also on fridays - question of the week, posed to the internet to stimulate dialogue

ain't all this a fucking blast?

if anyone actually reads this blog, and if you have the means and minutes and if you actually give a shit about equality, then s'il vous plait grab a sharpie and some paper and doodle your message to harper and/or oda. then put your digi-cam on timer or get a lover to photograph you holding it. then send it to us. we expect big and fun things out of this photo campaign. get in it.

inspiration, by polly jones:


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