pussycats, kit kats

just caught the video for "i don't need a man" by the pussycat dolls, and my question is this: are they not marketing to the very men you don't need? sub-question, need there be that many of them? practically a full litter, i think, yet none of their stuff sounds choral to me. is this spiceless group some kind of contemporary maurice starr project, this time for failed pin-up girls? i'm down with lots of things and not overly adverse to pap, but i really don't get this one. it's the same kind of confusion that washes over me when i see or hear paris hilton. something close to nausea.

it's only been a day and i'm getting mighty ancy about this big bowl of candy near the front door. my first halloween in this house - how could i know fewer than 10 kids would come around for treats? this isn't the ghetto, but it's sorta the hood, so either kids don't really live around here or they all shuttle out to the burbs for the good stuff. all i know is these mini kit kats have got to get the fuck out my house.


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