dangerously promotin'

holy crap i really do have other things to talk and think about than the damn website project, but i'm totally flabbergasted by the fact that we had our highest number of hits yesterday (one friggin' thousand) thanks in huge part to jesse d talking it up on stumbleupon, prompting hundreds of people i don't know within a web-community i don't know to crush over for a visit. i was already going to come and watch you rap this friday at the urban well, mr. dangerously, but now you are so getting hoots and hollahs and hugs to boot. and so too will audra when i see her for co-designing the COOLEST back-page ad that we got offered from shameless mag. yessy, this week we make important additions to statusreport.ca, but for now things seem to be going so swimmingly. even though it's TOTALLY PRO-BONO, therefore financially frustrating, audra and i are enjoying so much the vibe of this venture.

hard to image there is other shit than the website going on, but there is so. miss v's campaign rolls on: nancy p hosted a >$1000-raising fundraiser last night (thanks schmance!) plus we're in the midst of rolling out the tough talk about the primary opponent. the band is gearing up for R&B festival. i've agreed to do another newsletter for match. am still conteplating that upcoming npd provincial council meeting. the tv gods totally screwed with my being by not airing sorkin's studio 60 last night. there is a growing pile of broken down stairs in my back yard thanks to karl's renovation fiesta in my basement.

am digging these schedules though, because they do a tremendous job of distracting me from all sorts of pains in the heart, head, upper back, and right foot. (seriously, my body is pretty much always hurting on account of my seeming commitment to not ever buying a decent office chair and i sleep in a position massage therapists refer to as saturday night palsy).

while mental health professionals would likely question the efficacy of work addiction as a PFD to prevent drowning in pools of funk and ambiguity, i say thank you, bustle, for keeping me from reverting to couch camping and nutella. for now.


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