launching pink

remember this? when news came out about the brainstorming of the so-called "pink" policy paper at the liberal women's caucus (lwc) retreat, the 'story' was mostly about the colour of the fucking thing, because that's more important than the fact the lwc had had a retreat of its own for the first time ever and that they were actually talking about relevant women's ISSUES.

anyways, the lwc has finally finished the controversially-coloured thing. the "pink book" will be launched with a press conference on the hill this monday the 27th. invitees will also be treated to a small reception at the parliamentary restaurant afterwards. i'll be in repentigny for e-day then, so won't be able to bear witness to history in the making (!), but maybe the pink ladies might make the news that night ... maybe they might bump the inevitable story of the victory of the BQ's prostitute-turned-priest whom our candidate is battling here.


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