week's end

what better way to unwind from 1.5 solid days of ndp meetings? with a project runway marathon and port & stilton pate from thyme and again, that's how. i had only heard about the show, so to cram five episodes into a supine sunday has been great. i wouldn't say i'm hooked or anything. but hey, gay boys running around with fabrics and folly? they just made outfits out of flowers and foliage - now that's entertainment.

the week was a long one. 3 days of meeting facilitation for the workers of colour gang of the clc human rights committee plus all sorts of busy-ness where the other wee contracts are concerned. then i had to come face to face with my procrastinatory demons in order to pull an election planning committee report from my ass in time for our friday night meeting. nothing like an unflinching deadline to take a document from drafty to presentable. i told steve that yesterday's ndp provincial exec meeting was the best i've attended since joining in nov 04 (some would say the bar ain't too high, so like actually getting some work done without anyone crying shouldn't be so special, but i think it was great for so many more reasons). not sure he understood what a huge compliment that is.

i think i'm going to heat up some leftover chicken korma (homemade, of course) and fall into bed by 10. gotta be diligent about re-charging in order to be in tip-top form for my very first skype meeting tomorrow (i'm a voip virgin). colour me modern. wonder what else will slide out of tomorrow to carry me through the days to come.


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