clash of eras

it just hit me that i'm listening to the hollies while writing about digital voyeurism. that strikes me as really fucked up. somehow hits of the 60s don't really go with matters of modern technology. but i like the contradiction. yeah, i'm working on the 3rd installment of the e-zine i do for the womyn's voices project -- a special iwd edition, no less. that's right, iwd: the annual occasion when we try to get together at some community event to commemorate how far we've come and literally prop each other up while taking painful stock of just how much farther we have to go.

i know, i know... my optimism towards conventional feminist-y things is inspiring. i really actually dig some instances of convening as community. but mostly, my feminism is a faith-testing and omniscient bitch: i don't need a special day to honour her, she crowds me 24/7, pisses people off, eats my food, and every so often yanks my spirit down to the floor for an old fashioned wrestle.


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