hello again, internet

so whassup? sure has been awhile. guess i slipped into a rather uninspired place following the big hoorah election. felt pretty pooped. didn't have much to say. still don't, really. except that i just finished acknowledging the passing of another year of being alive on this planet. how, you might wonder, does someone with so little interest in marking the day of her birth do so? it started with a few e-cards, e-mails, and singing callers. later, a large pizza became involved, along with some appleton (i did not down an hourly cocktail starting at noon like i'd originally envisioned, but a deserved few) and a caramel cheesecake with 12 candles for me to wish/blow out, which i re-lit and re-blew so as to wish some more. there was american idol, the state of the union, and cheaters. there was a screaming review of inside jokes and quotes to be added to the "shocking"-ly delightful comic book created by c. inevitably (because i just can't help going there) i did a recap of the hideousness of 05, ie: failed campaigns, failed relationships, failed non-relationships, etc. but then c reminded me that since my last bday, i've joined a band and gotten caught up on SFU, which is an excellent point and so i feel pretty good.

as for that whole not having much to say thing, i have had to dig deep to feign a certain amount of interest in post-electoral rituals. lotsa results analysis and strategic planning. there's no "i" in team, of course. and thanks to a push by me to get it over with while things are fresh and before people drift off to regular lives, we are gathering candidates this weekend in montreal for a de-brief session - as good a place as any to start imagining what exactly we might pursue with the party, and how, now that quebec makes up roughly one quarter of the increase in ndp votes.

anyhoo, it's been nice talking to you again, internet. i'll be back sooner to go over some shit.


Anonymous Soma said...

Happy post-birthday, Pam! I plan to adopt your cocktails every hour on the hour thingie for my own birthday on the 20th... except that's a workday, so I can't start drinking until 5. Boo.

What better way to celebrate your happy occasion but with bad American singers with worse hair, and a bad American president with worse policies? It almost makes one glad to live in a country where we get to listen to many people arguing on CPAC instead of watching which side of the room stands up to clap.

Very best wishes for the year ahead.

6:10 p.m.  

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