not a lover of folk music

as i parked my car earlier on this, the last day of my contract with the clc, i paused briefly to take in the moment. about wrapping this gig, i feel a mix of relief and disappointment. relief that some more time will now be freed up to do the kind of unpaid work i apparently so enjoy. disappointment that my experience here wasn't more fulfilling. i try really hard to take on work that will generate a mutual feeding frenzy: i want to get as much as i want to give. i didn't learn anything here so much as get some (not great) shit confirmed. despite what i knew coming in, i had hoped to be able to actually do more. but the conditions weren't particularly ripe for that to happen. so i nudged some files while doing lots of outside work, and appreciated what sue told me during our initial negotiation: "if this wage helps supplement the income of someone so frequently underpaid or unpaid, then i'm fine with that." i really dig her.

as i started on my shuffle to the door, i peered into the car parked next to mine. upon noticing an ian and sylvia box set in the cd cubby, i amusedly thought to myself, bet i'm the only one who ever rolled into this parking lot blaring janet jackson ... like, ever.

farewell, dear ol' labour congress. we hardly knew ye.


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