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i wasn't going to bother because really, this forum has never been an action centre, but what with the big huge federal election taking up so much space, i may as well mention some on-line campaigns that could use help.

i've already blathered about the whole child care shmozzle - here is where to tell local candidates to build public child care and to do it right

i've been helping the feminist alliance develop their pledge strategy - here is where to tell party leaders and other candidates to sign one

the coalition for women's equality suggests these questions to ask candidates on the top women's issues

cupe has an election pool going - grand prize is a leather jacket - hey, why not?

not specific to the election, this is the e-card campaign the clc is doing on women's freedom and equality

also not election-related, here is amnesty's e-petition on the missing and murdered aboriginal women in canada

aw fuck it, another gooder - code pink's e-petition to stop the war in iraq - they want 100k sigs by IWD (march 8th)

that's enough for now. good activists.


Blogger Soma said...

Speaking of doing something, Mark and I are finally getting to the pissed-off-enough-to-act stage of our frustration about how impossible it is to get a doctor in Hull (or a doctor in Ottawa, for Hull residents). So far, the Quebec Health people LAUGHED at us and told us there's at least a 3-4 year wait, and to try Ottawa. In Ottawa, I found one doctor who'd only take new patients with varicose veins, and one who consented to put my name on the waiting list (30 people ahead of me) with the warning that even then, since I live in Quebec, I'll have to pay $75/visit and hope that the Quebec government will reimburse me. I could not find ANY other doctor taking new patients. Period.

...How do we act on our ire? Do we wait for a new MP and write to them? Do we try to start a letter-writing campaign? Is it simply a futile endeavour, since all of the federal candidates promise health care improvements anyway(although 'improvements' are subjective and relative)? What do you suggest, oh wise activist?

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