sharon stone, stalker

everytime i come to the states, sharon stone is where i am. ok, it's only happened twice, but we find it kinda funny. yesterday, ms. stone spent two hours at a private school where adam's friend kendra works - she wants to enroll roan there. i imagine it would be important that the child end up in as secure surroundings as possible, especially since he is likely to experience lifelong flashbacksof of his father's ill-fated encounter with a komodo dragon.

met jill and her partner dan for supper last night. dan was recently invited to culver city to audition for jeopardy. it was easy to tell how bright he is, if not slightly socially-awkward. she seems giddy about being in law school and excited to dispense advice - most of which i already knew but didn't mind letting her inform - about the re-sale of my property. we ended up at pizza orgasmica. still full from the burmese feast, chose not to get our rocks off on pizza. opted for $2 red stripes instead. i annoyed dan with more questions about the jeopardy audition.

woke up very early today (still on east coast time) and read in bed for an hour, listening to my ipod. leisurely latte across the street, then tackled yesterday's activities. adam came with. walked over to the famed castro district, gay mecca of the world. i got to see that disturbingly large rainbow flag, walk amidst all the gay people, and experience the gayness of it all. those gay people are just so cute. i remarked to adam how utterly comfortable i felt there. thus was born today's theme of contemplation: why don't i feel as comfortable in the straight world? let's face it, gay people are the cooler of the species. you'd think i'd feel nervously uncool among them. and yet, no. i feel safe, occasionally hip, generally more at home. there's a certain lack of judgment, i think.

we went to the west coast of this town and walked a mile along the beach. it was drizzling and foggy. i declined walking under adam's umbrella and happily got wet. it was the grey beautiful of the british isles, an unsunny magical calmness that you feel as though might swallow you from your aloneness. i found it incredibly peaceful.

home for the afternoon mucking around on the computer while adam prepared chocolate souffle for tonight's event. a posse is forming here as we get ready to leave for the "valentine's can fuck off bake off" hosted by lesbians. judging begins at 6.30. there's every chance that afterwards we will come back here, get high, and watch ab/fab. tomorrow we are driving either down or up the coast, i'm not sure. it depends on whether or not certain friends of friends in the napa valley were reached today. either way, we're going for a coastal drive.


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