bay day

adam took first runner up in the non-vegan dessert category at last night's "valentines can fuck off bake off". we heard tell of some controversy among the judges regarding adam's use of citrus accents in the chocolate souffle - some of the lesbians apparently did not appreciate its subtleties. in the end, he kicked many baked goods' asses and was awarded a spectacular dildo that ended up getting more action last night at a bar called the phone booth than some of us get in a year. from bake off to drink off we went, me and the boys. as the evening progressed, so too did the silliness with the prize. oh, and behind the bar at the phone booth: this framed picture of tom selleck, the only photo on the entire wall.

jill and dan picked us up at 11 today. first we went up to twin peaks to silently admire the ridiculous view. then drove about 40 miles south to half moon bay. the coastal drive was stunning. every so often the dots of surfer heads amidst an otherwise unblemished view of the pacific - glittery blue straight to the horizon. lunched and walked around main street in the wee coastal town our moms would find quaint. made obligatory stop at golden gate bridge on the way home. even allowed my picture to be taken, like an ass hole tourist, bridge in the background and all. also got to see the row of houses known as the pink ladies, made famous by the dumb show that unleashed mary kate and ashley unto the universe. in the same neighbourhood is the park in which a bajillion scenes have been shot including the one where charlie dumps harriet. i thought it was sorta cool.

i have been pleasantly surprised by how much i dig san francisco. i really like the vibe. there's a real comfort in the air. not to mention it's fucking gorgeous. i'm starting to get that sick omigod i don't want to go home feeling in the pit of my stomach. makes it easy to consider pitching a tent here and hiding out like some kind of self-exiled refugee. happens to me most places i travel - i fantasize about finding an address and starting anew. i don't hate where i live, i don't hate my house, and really, i don't hate my life. i just really enjoy being away from it. like now.


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