code blue

politically speaking, the buzz is all about child care, how harper is poised to shred any gains we've managed to make in recent years and how we need to mobilize rapidly on this. a fight is brewing on the hill, and we, the extra-parliamentary opposition, are shoring up too.

so code blue has been launched. there's an open letter to sign, a network to join, and word to spread. it's like we're at defcon 3, ready to dip to 1 at any second - serious high alert. i hope the comrades are aware this ain't no dress rehearsal - how we contend with this one will determine what to expect for the rest of what's coming. let us consider this the first of many battles we will have to wage against this government over the next however many years. and lordy, if there was ever one to win, it's this. those agreements may have been far from perfect, but we were somewhere closer to an actual system - a tad more sophisticated than harper's cash-to-parent version of a child care program. jesus.


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