home again

the last day in san fran was totally laid back, tinged only slightly with the sadness of knowing i had mere hours left. did some work at the apartment that morning, then a-walkin' i went. shuffled absent-mindedly through most of golden gate park - had big plans to check out the de young museum, but had to settle for just the spectacular exterior thanks to it being president's day and in honour of all those white men, things shut down. took me awhile to realize that's why there were all sorts of families with kidlets running all over the park on a monday.

travelling home was exhausting. i don't know who the fuck i think i am that i can do the red eye, as if i'm 19 years old and spritely. i have now burrowed back into my small life up here. returned to find my driveway and walkway covered in a dirty crust of snowy ice and debris. my feet hurt like fuck and i am still groggy. i have not come to terms with the fact that there is a reality here for me to bite back into. can't prolong the denial much longer, what with all the emails and meetings and pieces of work to be delivered. will follow up on a couple of leads on some new little jobs. will try to address the thin layer of dust that has filmed over everything.


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