o happy day

well, it's that day again. that's precisely how i introduced the IWD blurb in the latest edition of the ezine i do. sounds enthusiastic, i'm sure. maybe my spirit is just that god-kissed.

my friends are kicking ass today. audra's bold commentary on inter-generationality and the feminist movement is up on rabble (if you squint, notice yours truly gets two mentions - thanks miss audra!). i dig so much of what she says in this piece, it's no wonder how much i want to get behind her, wherever the fuck she's standing.

nancy p is taking on this columnist whose years of being sour, stupid, and wrong have apparently reached an all-time peak. in response to wente's ridiculous rant entitled "how the feminists betrayed feminism" from yesterday's g&m, nancy wrote this, and it's been in the hit rotation all day. nancy opens with a glorious ka-pow: "wente bemoans the state of feminism and asks why on earth women in canada preoccupy themselves with the struggle for equality. what impoverishment, what racism, she asks? if only more women had the luxury to be so blissfully unaware." she even uses the word "stymied", which, let's face it, is tough to pull off. you do us proud, nance.

speaking of the g&m, today's profoundly insightful polling question (right margin, front page) is "in your view, is the feminist movement its own worst enemy?" lemme get this straight, we make the front page today with a decent CP story on child care and IWD in pictures and whatnot, then this jack-ass question? i'd sure love to hire that wizard pollster to draft such subtle methodology for some polling of my own. sweet jesus.

egads, so much to do today: agitate on child care, take the g&m poll, send an e-card, join the amnesty phone-in. you may not want to look at this article in homemaker's entitled "10 reasons why it's great to be a woman". [#7 - "we can always find a new face in the makeup bag"]. to each her own, i realize... i'm just sayin'.

may the force of the goddess be with us all.


Anonymous audra said...

We need to do something like this, okay? Great.

11:58 p.m.  
Blogger pamused said...

err, ya-hunh, Great. iz like i bin sayin'... so lez go already!

12:10 a.m.  
Anonymous Soma said...

Mark and I happened to be out for dinner that day (Wednesday). He knew he wanted the all you can eat ribs, but I was still trying to choose what I wanted. The waiter came by to take our drink orders, and Mark tried to slip in his food order too... and got chastised by the waiter for failing to honour me by neglecting to wait his turn, "particularly on International Womens Day!"

I shmoop that waiter. He rocked.

9:26 a.m.  

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