mr. bolton, hypocrite i presume

what a week it's been...

the pmo made known today that the delightful
michaelle jean will be canada's next governor general: all hail our first black gg, a sassy and smart woman, originally from haiti, who has guided me through the compelling world of documentaries for years.

what else?
amber was axed from canadian idol; sarah won the veto and used it on james so maggie put janelle onto the chopping block; tara slone was asked by inxs to leave the contest to replace michael hutchence; in an ill-conceived moment of musical mockery, i sang roxette at karaoke last night, but never mind that for now.

maybe i'm the last to know, but former heartthrob rick springfield (apparently not dead) has released a bunch of covers of old rock songs. driving innocently in my car the other night, i heard the shocking first release: one of my all-time favourite songs, baker street [dear gerry rafferty: my sincerest apologies about springfield re-recording your classic. i hope he asked permission and that you told him to go fuck himself so now you can sue his very sad ass].

the week's big news is, of course, the appointment of john bolton as the us ambassador to the united nations: a man who has consistently shit all over the un and advocates for it's radical reform or death. now he's been annointed as the big usa bully at the place. to understand the sheer ridiculousness of this, just listen to the guy. it's no wonder he's #1 on this week's list of top right wing nutjobs. he so does not fit the profile of an appropriate un representative that dubya had to manouever the installation with a "recess appointment", bypassing the brewing controversy over the unlikely selection. bolton, who comes across as some kind of militia madman from the midwest openly refers to the us as the world's "only real power" and believes un projects should "be relegated to history's junk pile."

c'mon already. sure, bush is anything but subtle in terms of his un agenda - it's not like he'd roll a trojan horse into the grand un chambers. why no, he's been laying foundation for awhile. as for un supporters, well, we been biting our nails for some time now. bolton's arrival only means more bloody finger tips the world over as we hope that something can be done before he huffs and puffs and blows that house down.

bolton getting (and accepting) this critical post is akin to jeffrey skilling becoming ethics commissioner or slash being named head of the dea. like i said, c'mon already. this is one of those moments when it's hard to decide whether to be disgusted, scared, or just plain stunned by what bush will do. if i ask nicely, perhaps his christian pals will pray really hard for the un. oh, but that'd be hypocritical of me. and of them.


Anonymous Kira Zalan said...

“The UN Charter is fundamentally a political, not a legal document. On finances it amounts to little more than an ‘agreement to agree.’”
– Op-ed in the Los Angeles Times, April 13, 1997

5:56 p.m.  

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