the excruciating ear infection that made its debut last september and stayed on for an extended engagement in my head well into the winter has returned with a vengeance. i, unsuspecting and naive, went to bed on saturday night thinking nothing unusual or sudden or brain-splitting would occur overnight. awoke hourly from 5 am onwards in pain, sobbing like a baby. dragged my aching self to the local clinic at 9.45 and three hours later, finally got the mighty prescription that would provide insta-respite. and it did. enough so that i could go to the singer showcase out here to support my pals but not enough so that i could perform there myself, as planned. and not enough so i could go see k-os and dr. john at bluesfest, which means i got nowhere near close to my money's worth for the weekend festival pass that i should never have purchased, considering my lack of steady income and all.

so i guess what those magic capsules do not do is curb crabbiness. and i'm pretty sure they don't make an ointment for that.

speaking of crabbiness, i (noticably?) have not weighed in on last week's london bombings. same as with homolkapalooza. these may seem like two shockingly disparate news events, yet to me, warrant the same level of inactivity: both shocking, disturbing, frustrating, overkilled, over-analyzed. it would be nice if we could ever just talk about the essence of an event, a pearl of some kind of truth. as it is, we have to contend with the surrounding jackassry, spinnery, punditry - a fucking mockery.
oh wait, but if i don't blog about any of it, the terrorists will have won. who the fuck am i, really?... yeah i get that. but still, i have said nothing because too much is already being said. enough already. and my ear fucking aches.


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