live 8 - no death

caught some of saturday's live 8 hoopla on tv and i did not die [it is, of course, all about me].

guess i'm better than i thought i was about the whole "it's not you, it's me" nonsense between me and that
last job. i was a bit sad, i guess, that i am no longer close to that campaign. but those emotions are mainly a result of internal disappointments. as for the big picture, i recognize that i am a part of it anyhow - always have been and always will be. at the end of the day, i'm pretty moved by what happened on saturday, that nearly 30 million signatures went up in support of this wee statement. there is no shortage of opinions as to whether or not geldof's new idea was a success or a flop. it's clear that the g8 summit this week in scotland will not yield quite the results that make poverty history campaigners and allies would want, but live 8 made enough of a noise that reverberations may well be heard throughout 2005 over the duration of the campaign. as far as i'm concerned, getting that many people to think about something, let alone log onto a site and put a name to it, is a public awareness dream. and this communications worker is mighty proud. because i still believe the only way to change the world is to change a mind - one or 27 million at a time.


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