what's goin on: pt I

my good friend jenn married my new friend greg on friday. they did it quick n' simple style, at city hall with one sibling each to bear witness and of course, rayna. friends were waiting outside with cameras and bubbles. then the 'just marrieds' led a bike parade through downtown and to a pub in westboro where people joined in waves until there was a full-fledged wedding celebration taking place right under the beer tent in the heart of westfest. aside from the stifling heat, soupy humidity, and occasional warm drizzle, the whole thing was a success. no church. no bridal parties. no fueding families. no speeches (although christine's tribute was, as usual, moving). no kids table. no muss. no fuss.

thing about j and g is that they are so fucking compatible. in so many ways. there are lots of couples who seem well suited, but so few who personify the concept of mesh. j and g are both creative and offbeat, energetic and positive, intelligent and generous. and they're both extremely open and liberal, sexually speaking, and complement one another in a myriad of ways. neither of them accepts ordinary. they seem to give off an energy that douses bystanders with pixie dust and inspiration, with a sense of possibility that a partnership really can combine passion and fireworks with good old fashioned friendship.

lust AND love baby. imagine that. seems like i'm only ever offered one or the other. yeah, both are flattering and important and all that shit. but deep love from men usually comes all packaged in the brotherly way from either incredibly gay men who think i'm a goddess (rightfully so) or floundering straight men who come out of curiosity, stay for the wisdom, and leave for the grrl.

as for lust, well it's as satisfying the dq blizzard u wolf down after 4 days of craving, then feel crappy about it for a good 24 hours afterwards. the high sure is a high, hard to deny its lure. but the lows are of the kitchen floor variety. and i'm too old for that shit.

i seriously want to know: is it too much to want all of that love, respect, compatibility & security crap, but with delectable frozen treats scattered everywhere for the ever-critical spank factor? sub-question: why can't a dq blizzard both ravage u AND provide a stable reciprocity of love?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have always considered DQ stable, it is there for us all when we need it. Perhaps need has to be defined as when it is bloody hot.

DQ helped WW II vetrans express love to their families and counter the taste of their bad chow.

DQ's committement to the future is more troubling with the bad chow coming full circle - with the introduction of full service hamburgers.


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