london calling

to the fact that jason has linked to pamusement from his new blog, i say shucks. if you've dropped by as a result of that recommendation, howdy. thoughts here range from politics to pop culture. but really, it's all about me... teetering.

i too went to london to find myself once - for just over a year when i was 19. i was far less savvy than jason is now, and a much much worse dresser. if you're a fan of jason, then you'll appreciate why i like him: he's aware, genuine, HOT!, interested, supportive, deliciously caught between bitter and naive, and unafraid to point out a complete stranger's resemblance to a teletubby. i hope to be just like him when i young down.


Blogger notesfromaslightlylargercontinent said...

So much to live up to. I'll do my darndest to ensure that you're not a liar. Miss you,

9:16 a.m.  

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