dear ben and jerry

it is with regret that i write to inform you that the leader of our very very very conservative party, stephen harper, held a photo opp in a store bearing your delightful names yesterday near barrie, ontario. perhaps the location was chosen merely for the kitsch factor - breezy federal party leader in quintessentially summer setting chats up children. or else, and i cringe at the thought, one of three things occured, all of which are disturbing:

1. the conservative leader's tour team has no fucking idea what your company stands for and blindly believes all ice cream chains are created equal and that a typically wooden politician will be cast in a distinctly more favourable light just by scooping from any ice cream tub at all

2. the conservative leader's tour team is abundantly aware that your company operates on and advocates for principles of economic justice, environmental preservation, peace and justice, and deliberately placed harper underneath your logo so as to create the illusion that he's aligned with such a progressive vision

3. harper was invited to scoop and stump by your franchisee near barrie - a raging right-winger with close ties to a political party that works actively against the ideals on which your dairy project is founded

anyhow, i thought you might want to know. after all, i know how public both of you are about your commitment to progressive politics and grassroots action. surely you can't keep track of the political incongruencies of every franchisee that enters your corporate family, and maybe you're used to being exploited by political antagonists who recognize the value of being associated with your unique corporate image. but i think the top dog of our bush-loving conservative party should stay the fuck away from shops bearing your names. it just ain't right.

that is all. thank you for listening. have a great day.

ps: ben, great job with that oreo cookie analysis on the u.s. federal budget. loved it.


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