feminism sucks

feminism and her cousins are all one ginormous shithead. at least that's what i think of them sometimes. actually, having any progressive politics sucks. sometimes, anger crashes over me like a reckless wave, leaving me soaked in resentment. my politics make me see, feel, and hate certain things while making me want, seek, and expect certain things. that makes for a whole fuck of a lot of inner turmoil, especially within the various contexts of this world. war on terrorism, war on iraq, war on dissent, war on drugs: essentially, we're in a war on everybody and everything. i seem to be able to preach and teach about picking your battles so as not to feel overwhelmed by the magnitude of all the injustice, yet i often feel like it's just one mother battle. those of us on this side of the arguments are up against some seriously heavy ideology: manufactured, well-funded, and downright dangerous. their forces are enough to make me want to suggest sometimes that we just shut down the whole mission and head for the mall.

as for feminism, well she can be a bitch for me to contend with. she makes me wrestle with the big stuff and the everyday. she's on my ass every minute. and she makes matters of the heart pretty tough. consider that even the most feministy of our men can't cut the mustard. it would seem, my straight sisters, that some kind of sacrifice on our part is inevitable if we're interested in hunkering down with someone. recently, i have seen a few of my sisters resist and suffer break-ups as a consequence. others seem to have found a way to succeed, to locate the magical temperature setting that keeps a relationship cooking without it bursting into flames. maybe they ended up forgoing a partnership for a relationship. and sure, that's a way to go. but when i've tried it before (stuffing all my big purpleness into a 'nice' box or category), things did not pan out. and by now, the proposition of toning any of this shit down so that i'm a more viable partner strikes me as absolutely unendurable.

i've said it before and i'll say it again: i accept feminism (and every one of her unruly relatives) not as dinner party guests who have outstayed their welcome, but as part of my chemistry. and i know i'm not alone - i'm sure most of my counterparts are also navigating their own complicated terrain, trying to achieve some kind of balance in the journey. but every so often, when shit gets rough or a news story strikes a nerve (most do) or a friend fumbles through a wrong relationship or my expectations are scrutinized by a potential love interest as 'over the top', i think about what it would be like to give it all back. that life would be a whole fuck of a lot easier if i just traded it all in for a brazilian wax, gym membership, and a minivan. it would be like a spiritual brow lift: taut and wrinkle-free, yet unable to display any visible emotion. ain't that a small price to pay for a simpler life?


Blogger accidental altruist said...

simpler life? dunno if it's simple baby.

10:10 p.m.  
Blogger Ladyfriend said...

Great blog, this piece in particular!

12:55 a.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My good friends, modern feminism is a vile putrid bunch of junk! It's absolute rubbish that's making the world a very nasty place for men like me.

Anyone remember the old cartoons in the late '80s like Duck Tales, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Ghostbusters? Those were great cartoons because they were free of feminism.

Women aren't aggressive like men and when they try to be and get their rear ends whooped, they cry about it. The problem isn't with women, the problem is the fact that many men want them to be like a man while being exempt from the rules governing men.

Another thing that SUCKS now is TV. TV shows are terribly bad. That CSI, Survivor, and Housewives nonsense needs to go. Every show is catered to women. What the heck happened to heroes???

Commericals on TV are equally bad. Total rubbish, starting from women breaking brick walls with their hands to the man always being a buffoon. The marketing companies are doing this to cater to women. Newsflash: Try making feminine commercials to cater to women, you idiots. But no, they'll use a woman's illogical emotions to the maximal and feed her insecurity so she buys stuff!


As a man, I'm deeply offended and concerned that I can't put the TV on for a good show anymore or see any decent commercials. Aaaaah for the days of MacGyver! I'd have never thought as a kid when I used to watch MacGyver that I'd pine to see him on TV 10 years later!

4:03 p.m.  

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