saint WTF

my luck in love might SUCK ASS, but my general mood doesn't have to. on this irritating day i am accessorized in lime green and busy and suitably distracted from the annual consumer carnival that is valentine's day. i'm no goddamn gratitude journaller, but enough Good Things happening for and around me lately are keeping out the cliche funk. i'm coasting in the middle somewhere between lisa loeb and the emily dickinson side of things, sticking with sarcasm and timely vibrator jokes. the best defense a single grrl has against society's relentless insinuations about her value is a fun date with a gay boy followed by a midnight rendezvous with a stand-by straight one. there, done. no need for anything floral or chocolate or whatnot.

as for those who like a little activism with their shellacked cinnamon hearts, nawl has a valentine's day action, as do those angry women... although my ear to the proverbial ground tells me that the backlash against equality and the F word and organizations has women less angry than exhausted, fed up, and a tad fearful. but we're not going away, so the mood descriptor doesn't matter, really.

the ad hoc coalition formed by women's organizations around the status of women hoopla has mounted their own website and are asking harper and his peeps to put equality back on track. postal worker women are saying it with candy.

an especially tight valentine's squeeze to gwen landolt, whose comments on the hill last week reminded us of how much misinformation there is out there to correct. they also serve as a heartbreaking reminder of the dark hate that exists in some towards equality, the people who strive to advance it, and the assertion that everyone should have it.


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