rock on an island

the deal was made as of this morning for a new contract. starting next month, i'll be helping these guys develop a communications strategy for their burgeoning work in the area of women's rights. we'll be creating a freshly branded suite of promotional materials and a complementary media strategy to make it all known. it's quite similar to what i did over at amnesty, so a fairly familiar process for me. i appreciate lots about oxfam, so it should be pretty fun. almost 2 years since starting this consulting thing for real, and i still marvel at how i can be invited to do cool work around other cool work in progress. the juggling of concurrent contracts is stressful, yes. but there are moments when i just gotta feel fucking fortunate to be making a go of this freelancer thing.

also amazing? technology. thanks to the whole wireless internet thing, i have temporarily moved operations from the office to the living room. the twin-size mattress that had been pulled upstairs for my weekend guest is now a mighty decadent island on which i have settled with cushions, blankies, work files, and a craft services table within arm's reach. i believe i shan't put the mattress back in the basement. ok, perhaps it represents a huge step backwards in my resolve to establish more structure in my work habits. but i believe that for today, that's just fine.


Anonymous Miss Vicky said...

good gig! Congrats!

11:01 p.m.  

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