seasonal disorders

yesterday, the sky was an ashen but bright blue and the air smelled as if hull is a maritime village. there are traces of rain recently fallen, not a single spec of snow, and a refreshing air quality that, when breathed deeply, transports me to a place of possibility. sometimes the effect of deeply breathing that air is that i feel almost giddy. i wonder if it hails from a place called gid. so i call it gid-air.

today, the sun beams down as warmly as an april afternoon, toasting the house so that the radiators can take a break. the snowless streets beg you to put on your cross trainers and get the hell going. this twisted al-gore-finger-wagging season has yanked a lot of we seasonally disordered from our regular routine. every time i find myself enjoying or feeling any weird gratitude about the weather, i take a moment of silence for the drowned polar bears who pay for it.

i regard most New Years with suspicion, but especially now. they say the only thing you can truly count on in life is change. except much of the change i wish for is unlikely to happen this year. harper hasn't changed his mind about the politics of women, the ndp numbers are (always) the same as they've ever been, the planet continues to suffer, and instead of shutting down the mess, bush wants to send more soldiers into it.

personally, i've had a few days to get used to this january, try it on for size, crank my head around so i can check out every unflattering angle in the proverbial 360 degree mirror. and things'll be alright. of course i'm wary because januaries are notorious sheisters who con you into an oft-fake sense of newness - new leaf, clean slate, renewal, all that jazz. AND WE ARE SUCKERS. my theory is you entirely lack a circulatory system if you don't get even a teensy weensy bit sucked in by resolution fever. if you never utter aloud a single word, you wind up suggesting quietly to yourself that THIS could be the year to quit smoking or cut back on the cheese.

globally speaking, it's unlikely 2007 will fall out of line with its predecessors and go another way. as for what goes on in my wee corner of the crazy world, i'll try to remain cautiously optimistic about getting stuff i need from 2007, and giving it stuff i need to give. i'm making no resolutions - and definitely no predictions - but it may be that 2007 and i are a coupla crazy kids who just might have a shot.


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