weekend slo-down

thanks be to audra for coming to campout at my homestead right when i needed her help in firing up the wireless internet that bell canada took precisely SIX PAINFUL MONTHS to get into my hands. not only has she been a neat addition to this weekend of sloth, her mad skills ensured we could lazily work and surf from any room in the house, whenever we want, wearing whatever we want (mainly pajamas). she was also a patient support as i sorted through the trickiness of headbands at the mall. but the sweetness of a slow grey sunday was soured by some excruciating cirque-du-soleil happening in my uterus. thanks, fetal position, for rocking me through it. thanks audra, as well, for letting me be maybe one of the only people to have experienced the sheer joy of you belting carpenters tunes, unprompted and a capella.

big work-related decisions to make this weekend, mostly regarding what contracts to accept now versus which as-yet-to-be-confirmed opportunities to reserve space for. a good problem to have for a freelancer - i know this - but that doesn't make choosing or planning any easier. cerebral stimulation or money? ngo or union? marketing or writing? ooh, how i wish i could stop working tomorrow, forever. then i could put my talent anywhere and not have to consider hard matters like mortgages and more nebulus but equally relevant things like professional stepping stones.

for the record, the illusionist is really not very good. but little miss sunshine is.


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