monday headlines

day 22 without a cigarette and things are alright. nobody's head has been bitten off, no fist has met a wall, little children aren't scurrying off the property in fear of the big vicious scary lady. i haven't bawled or suffered headaches or generally fallen apart. in a dream last night, i drew long sexy hauls off a full cigarette and LOVED IT. but i don't feel threatened. the mostly mood-related cravings are decreasing, as is my fear of what engrained pulls might emerge once the election campaign begins.

i must have still been riding the performer's high after friday night's gig - got a lot of glowing compliments on the vocals, so i guess that's why i felt the need to sing along loudly to some of the performances during the grammy's, which i casually watched while editing amnesty's annual report. pretty happy for the dixie chicks. they must be gloating all over their mansions today feeling vindicated and shit. good for them. fuck bush, fuck the backlash, fuck the death threats, fuck the small minds. nice. also feeling gleeful for m'grrl miss mary j, who also kicked some serious grammy ass. she and her album are totally awesome. makes me all mushy inside when The Industry - typically a piece of shit we need's care for - recognizes the right people for the right reasons. it's like the bully or boss having a moment of good conscience.

at oxfam today trying to get technologically rigged. irritating, but better than working at home where three strapping adorable lads arrived this morning to paint. this is, apparently, what is called progress. not only are the renovations downstairs slowly happening, but by the end of this week, my kitchen will be blue and my bedroom will be purple and my living room a fresh parisien white. the jacking up of my environment's pallette will surely work magic on the inner one. colour therapy, i think they call it. to me, it's a gigantic check mark on the big fat to-do list.


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