no contest

in her recent comment, carrie joked about yesterday's post being a baby photo contest. clearly, it was not. because if it had been, carrie/wayne's victoria would have won hands down for this scrumptious wig shot - a bona fide classic [one wonders whether there was red wine involved during this photo shoot, and for whom].

ok, this inadvertent detour into cyber-scrapbooking is now over. this also, may i state unequivocably, brings to an end the baby talk.


Blogger Carrie and/or Wayne said...

Oh no - that poor child. What were her parents thinking?!

(they were, of course, thinking that wigs on bald babies would be fuuuunny! Oh they were soooo right!)

I had forgotten how funny that picture was. Thank you for the reminder!

Wanna come to Vegas in May?


1:48 a.m.  

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