miscellany round-up

on health:

being sick sucks. being sick on one's birthday sucks harder. being sick on the heels of yet another awkward, intrusive doctor's appointment sucks harderer. may i - and all women - never have to be prodded or invaded or scanned by cold metal implements in unaccommodating quarters ever again. unrelatedly, i have spent the better part of the last 48 hours in a near-coma up in my glorious bed, but today have endeavoured to descend to street level and try and get some shit done.

bathe - check (thank GOD).
make strong coffee - check.
read global headlines - done.
scan to-do lists yet to be completed - done.
make the smallest of a baby step towards meeting a work deadline - done.
wash funky sickie bedding - done.
pop variety o' pills - done.
remain conscious long enough to enjoy the season premier of LOST - here's hoping! woot!

on politics:

i've been trying to pull together various strands of thought scattered about my desktop and mind regarding the democratic nomination race. audra beat me to it today to complain about the ongoing oddity that is the clinton offensive on obama. i'll admit to being put off by all sorts of related jackassry, including of course the uncomfortable discourse around identity, race, and gender. every feminist and her dog has weighed in on hillary versus barack, but i'm not sure my stuff is exactly about that. more later.

on art:

it has come to my very delayed attention that audio of me has made its way onto the internet: unplugged single-takes of a couple of my favourite tunes. if you be so inclined, here is me attempting to do justice to my fave aimee mann song, 'you know the rest' and here is me doing claude's breathtaking 'sailor song'. it ain't much, just me in the raw. cringe.


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