four things ...

... standing between me and team obama in massachusetts:

the obstacle: my “in” to the campaign (a friend of a friend) has been reassigned to obama’s north carolina operation.
what it means: she had been stoked about 'using' me. sure, she could put in a 'word', but its all up to her successors -- i could be relegated to the status of any other out-of-state volunteer without an insider advocate putting me on tasks or in rooms at the more strategic and organizational levels.
and so: if you are related to, friends with, or have ever shagged one of the 4.5 paid state level obama staffers in massachusetts, could you hook a grrl up?

the obstacle: since the governor’s endorsement of obama in october, the campaign has been privy to an elaborate state-wide field and voter contact network, thus reducing its need to build a machine such as seen in a Big Deal primary state like new hampshire.
what it means: they may not have as much need to take advantage of the senior campaigning chops i was hoping to offer.
and so: can i really justify spending two weeks in a phone bank?

the obstacle: the state operation is a modest one, and so does not have a billeting program for out-of-state volunteers.
what it means: i’m on my own for finding cheap accommodations.
and so: anyone with friends or relatives in the cambridge/somerville areas with a spare couch?

the obstacle: i remain persistently bothered and uncertain about paid employment in this, the new year.
what it means: do i DARE gallivant in new england for team obama – however edifying an experience it might be – instead of actively wage seeking? i mean, professional development for consultants never ledgers under accounts receivable, i know, but deciding its value is really hard.
and so: is anyone out there in the position to guarantee me superbly-waged contracts for the coming months, thus assuaging the guilt i may feel for fucking off for two weeks?

maybe i'll just go to NEW YORK instead.


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