a little self-spanking will do you some good

back from vancouver and finally posted photos. actually, only pride pics are up. maybe only marketers of things gay who troll the web for poachable photos (because i have to admit, some of the shots are actually pretty good) will find them interesting. but hey, they’re here, they’re queer, i’m used to it. other holiday pics are likely to languish on the canon til god knows when. maybe tomorrow.

i’ve been thinking about this whole ‘blog for a year’ idea and wonder if it’s perhaps the dumbest thing ever. the people who are racking up bajillions of votes are the bloggers who are already sorta professional, however pro bono. they are people with actual Followers whose blogs have original design and are powered by wordpress or whatever. this here rinky dink outfit could never render a vote count high enough to make me a contender. so what the F is the point?

maybe not winning, but ah yes, discipline. that’s what. a routine. a regular place to write. the broader goal is to write anything and everywhere, as much as possible. so blogging is a useful exercise. sometimes i write as if it's for my life, like a violent heroin fix. why not here, too. the only way to do it is to just fucking DO IT. [evidently i'm having a go with the grittier, chain-smoking, cussing cousin of The Secret].

i think the key to being a grown up is effectively mastering the fine art of self-parenting. what’s big and shiny and downright intoxicating as a kid is the notion that grown ups can do Anything They Want. and it’s true! we can sleep in until after noon, eat ice cream for supper, sit too close to the tv, never make the bed. but then there are bills and taxes and RESPONSIBILITY. oh, and that little thing called accountability.

if you’re lucky, you assemble along the windy way a safety net of good friends and maybe a brave partner who will challenge you to do right or just better. but the best kicker of the truest ass is yourself. i'm so grounded.


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