got ticket?

scenes from today's gong show crack-of-dawn departure...

me, flustered: this is crazy. it's just too early to be expected to be this organized.
cabbie: want me to wait while you check more things?
me: naw. i'm too tired to go back into the house. and my eyes are gummy.
cabbie: bigger question - you got ticket?
me: yeah.
cabbie: ah, well then everything's gonna be alright.

30 minutes later in the airport, a booming announcement: "all passengers destined for vancouver on air canada flight x should now be on board..." i'm speed-shuffling as fast as a crusty humidified non-morning person can muster, hauling fat ass to the far-flung reaches of the ottawa airport. as i emerge from a tunnel remnicent of the shining, i spot my gate on the interior horizon. the area is virtually deserted, save two cute uniformed men who spot my sorry silhouette and start cheering me on. within earshot, i yell, "where's a fucking golf cart when you need one?!" to which one responds, "it's not in the budget, honey!" they notify the in-flight crew to hold open the door, ushering me with outstreched flailing arms. when one hollers out "got your ticket?", i wave my boarding pass in the air, a frantic assertion of my identity, my cred - "yeah!". then he says, "ah ha! then everything's gonna be alright."

thanks, purveyors of blind optimism, for suggesting that this late-arrival does, in fact, possess a ticket to 'alright'. here's hoping.


Blogger Carrie and/or Wayne said...

Welcome to Beautiful BC! I'm sorry that I won't be able to make it to the big V to see you. We will be back in town from the Kootenays on the 12th if you are still in BC and want to make a trip to the Okanagan? Sad I couldn't make it work. Damn family life screws up ALL my fun! ;o)

4:57 p.m.  

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