blogging, revisited

i’ve always been sort of annoyed by bloggers who blog about their blog. strikes me as virtual navel-gazing, as in, this is me talking about the format through which i talk about me and my stuff. so much me. and yet, i blog about my blog, too. i suppose an infrequent state-of-the-union post never killed anybody, but it totally depends on the content and purpose of said narcissistic post.

disclaimer done, i gots to set the record straight (mostly for myself, frankly) about what the hell is going on here.

what i want most in the whole wide world is to never have to work again so i can write. and maybe sing and travel, too, but it’d be mostly writing. right now. i may have finally come to terms with the fact that my problem is not THAT i want to write, or WHAT, or maybe even WHEN. it’s bloody WHERE.

as some kind of prompt – because christ knows I just don’t have enough self-imposed pressure of any kind – i mustered it up and decided to go for a big prize. so yessy, hear me roar: i want to blog for a year.

to be a contender, one has to offer up a blog for consideration. so this pamusement page it is, despite the recent ambivalence on my part which has left it neglected. which means i’m going to be wandering back here with a bit more regularity again. which means i’m going to have to get ok again with this format. s’gonna be good. but so i can let loose on subject matter that i sorta never thought belonged here, i think i’ll use this timely kick in the ass to explore other channels. maybe another blog. or quill and parchment. express ye!

so if you're still somewhere in my corner, it’d be great if you could vote for me. incessantly. like a crazy person. and maybe get people who owe you favours to do so also? awesome. the front-runner already has over ten thousand votes and i have something like, um, 3. but hope is good, i hear. and couldn't we all use a little more of that nowadays?


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