the peptides project - emancipated at last

for the past year, my VIP claude has been releasing from captivity a vast music catalogue. he has been transferring lyrics and barely decipherable musical notations from 30+ years of journal pages to the recorded form. untrained in music, production, sound engineering, or film, claude has taught himself a million new skills and has exacted laser focus in revealing these musical secrets to the world. his vision for this creative project has been unwavering. and inspiring.

claude has no grandiose designs for what all of this will become or where it'll go. he's just putting it out there.

hard to quite put into words my pride or how it feels. not only is the music damn good, it is pure unadulterated joy to watch a friend ooze such creativity and so totally get off on it.

as he films and edits his friends doing bizarre shit,
the videos are going up on youtube. have a gander. the 'sailor song' still gets me weepy.

also on youtube are installments of 'strange lives' -- claude is putting to celluloid the long-lost cassette recordings of a soap opera created and recorded in his parents' basement as a pre-teen with then co-collaborator, alexandra. these are sickeningly entertaining.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

your fan-base will be suspicious
and dissappointed that your haitus
return had nothing to do with you.
but then again,
one might find you
traitor-like sleeping around
on facebook, the latest global

thx for the compliments XXX

12:14 p.m.  

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