is air drying ok?

i have been known to swoon – swoon, i tell you – over a certain green-eyed dreamboat (look past the pencil moustache) by the name of terrence howard. but never has there been such a rapid deflating of a bubble in the history of absurd fan lovin’.

howard recently went on the record as saying it’s just “unclean” for a woman to use toilet paper, suggesting his future with any woman is pretty much entirely hinged upon whether or not she agrees to use baby wipes instead.

crush-killing interview here. no wonder mr. hygiene’s comments have resulted in a bit of an, ahem, shitstorm. some cooler-headed responses speculate about ocd, while others suggest howard’s baby wipes and celibacy are clear indicators that he is actually gay. whatever. i'm just glad we didn't get his take on feminine hygiene products. OR SHAVING.

[thanks to audra for being punctual with that sick tidbit]

in more timely celeb news, annie lennox's new song/video went up at amazon today and promptly slayed me what with all the Aching Beauty and also causing me to speculate that annie has some sort of cosmic shunt to my brain or journal because those lyrics, err, hit home (the one at the end of a dark road, indeed).


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